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12 hours in London (Street Food version).

Yo guys!
First post of 2017??
I've been busying with my studies, final exams are coming. LITERALLY THE FINAL ONE coz final year ain't easy...
Especially when you're in a whole new environment, new lecturers and slightly different marking system.
I update  more on Youtube though,
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Just a little celebration to kick off Easter break, I dragged my bf along to London for a day trip, mainly for food.
so it's like a food day trip.
Also, like a last ultimate cheat day for me before I started my diet lol.

Time: 10am- 9pm on a Saturday
Total Damage: £80 for 2-person
Yes It's freaking expensive but when you're in London.... food costs at least £7 or more...
Bear in mind that this is the price of a street food. To dine in, it's even more expensive. 
But I've been saving up by eating bread and oats (jk), just to splurge on 1 whole day so I can be excused MUAHAHAHA 

So the itinerary was roughly like this:

10am- Borough Market
11am- Maltby Street Market (go on weekdays, there were not many stores when we went)
12pm- Shoreditch area, (Dark Sugars; Bricklane Market; Dum Dum doughnuts at Box Park)
2pm - Camden Market
4pm- Street Feast Hawker House
7pm- Sky Garden (reservation is needed)

1) Borough Market

Spanish stall selling huge pile of paella is the first thing u see at the main entrance junction.
They gave free taster too...but it tasted like seafood briyani in my opinion lol 
That's why I didn't buy it
Rating: 4/10
I heard it was £5-6 if I wasn't mistaken 

Jam filled donuts
2 for £5
Taste not bad but it would have been better if they warm it up a little. 
Rating: 5/10

£9 for steak and prawns burrito
Not exactly a burrito but like a tortilla wrap filled with stuffs. lol They didn't name it so I assume it's a burrito.
Rating: 5/10 
Too small of a portion for that price. 

2) Shoreditch

Dum Dum Donuts @ Box Park, Shoreditch
Cronut with choc ice cream and coconut flakes as topping
The pictures of this cronut top with ice cream on instagrams made me went there 
and guess what
I don't normally waste food but I only had the ice cream and half of the cronut
The cronut was frozen, he took it out straight from the freezer without heating it up
That makes sense coz u want to prevent the ice cream from melting 
but not like rock hard piece of bread??? I'd rather have an ice cream waffle cone instead of this
Freaking £5 for this...
I have no words 
Rating: 1/10
1 point for good marketing that lured me into this shithole..

Classic Hot Chocolate @ Dark Sugar
Not your typical chocolate cuz
You can't find real chunks of chocolate flakes, directly cut from premium hcocolate blocks, in your typical hot chocolate drink with whipped cream.
I'd choose this over whipped though.
Being an anti-dessert person, this really earned a place in my heart
What made me love this is the price, it's only £3.5 for medium cup
It's so rich that it tasted like chocolate sauce with milk. lol
Though it might not the best choice if you're thirsty af but hey, teach me how to resist this
Rating: 8/10
-2 for being slightly too rich for my liking 

BAP burger
I didn't know BAP was a thing until I had this. I thought it was a name to sound cool. I only know what 'BAP' meant in Korean which is rice. lol
So basically, it's an English flat round bun, like burger.
Randomly ordered the BAP pork belly and it turned out surprisingly good.
That crispy fat around the pork belly....so sinful that Satan called me and said hi
Rating: 8/10
-2 for being too sloppy to hold in with only two slices of breads. The yolk in the egg broke and dripped all over the place and there was no toilet for me to wash my hands
My hands smelled like eggs the whole day 

Camden Market

Halloumi Fries 
Freaking £5 for these
I know u must be wondering what the hell is halloumi 
Basically, it's fries made out of cheese.
It looks photogenic af so I had to ....
I personally don't like the taste, it's like soured and soft cucumber 
But I like the pomegranate
Ratings: 3/10
Also, the fact that the staff who took order for me skipped me and asked other people who came after me... (there was no queue) 

It was too crowded to take a picture so I only managed to get a video fotoage for my vlog. 
I've seen this somewhere on FB and I promised myself that I will hunt this down lol
And I did ! :P
It's basically hot hand made pasta mixed on a cheese wheel with some truffle oil
Not your typical pasta because it's hand made (duh)
I would say it's authentic because the chef had a heavy Italian accent so ... made it convincing
£7 for mushroom and truffle oil
Rating: 8/10
-2 because I've used to eating non-authentic pasta with loads of creamy sauce so this might surprised my tastebud.
But I'm slowly getting used to this kind of pasta, simple yet authentically true to flavour. 

The Mac Factory's Mac & Cheese
I've seen this on instagram and they made good insta photos I'd say
But....the taste was unexpectedly normal
I had the tomato basil and chorizo flavour and it was kinda filled with oil
It was £7 btw.

Rating: 3/10

3) Street Feast Hawker House

Starts at 5pm til midnight.
Better to go before 7pm to avoid getting paid £5 entrance fee. #skint 

Mother chucker's chicken tender 
Rating: 2/10
The skin on the chicken fell off which obviously shows that this chef has got no skills to fry a chicken. 

Chin Chin Lab's Salted Caramel sanwiched with brownie cookie
£6.95 if I'm not mistaken
Slightly overrpriced but hey, it's nitrogen ice cream
Again, not your typical ice cream :P
The ice cream has got a roasted and burned flavour which amazed me much as person who loves the smell of burned food.
Added with a taste of salted caramel = perfection 
Wish the portion was bigger :P
Rating: 9/10
The price ...I can get a decent meal with that price instead of a dessert. 

So if you happen to be in London for a short period of time like transits, make a trip to these street food markets. :D
I'm more than happy to answer your questions, so when in doubt, feel free to ask me :P

Update: I just finished my second paper and one last paper to go and I'm done with my law degree!! 
(hope I don't have to resit them lol)
Time flies.....
like a G6..
Talk to you guys soon! 
Take care x

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